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Council lauded for safety measures at devils pool

Council lauded for safety measures at devils pool

WILLIAMSBURG — A state health officer praised one of the largest animal control facilities in the county Monday for getting rid of two devils in a two-week span.

“It’s a shame it took them almost nine months,” Scott Jones, director of health, said. “I think our facilities have been doing a good job.”

It took the facility eight months to rid its five animals of the five-foot-long, two-foot-wide, yellow fish. They were found dead in an area called the Devil’s Pool at 8 a.m. March 8.

Jones said it should’ve taken care in keeping animals out of the water, but the facility had no way of finding them.

“We’re very happy because we’ve done the right thing,” Jones said.

He praised the local animal control officers, along with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the North Carolina State Medical Examiner’s office, the DNR, the University of North Carolina Davis Campus Animal Care, t바카라사이트he Department of Health, the State Veterinarian’s office and the Harris County Health Services Office for finding the devils.

A few devils on site, however, can’t be rescued by the state system. Their bodies are in the Harris County animal disposal room. Jones hopes the facility won’t keep them on site as long as it can, since the devils may have to be euthanized.

The devil was removed by the sheriff’s office on Monday evening, according to an alert released by the department.

No further details on the fate of the two devils were given.

While there are other water parks in Harris County, this facility’s is largest and can house more than 120 animals. More than 90 animals are housed in the animal treatment room of the facility, according to documents obtained by WCNC. The facility offers educatio바카라사이트nal and medical courses for the animals to learn to live with humans.

The Devil’s Pool is also listed by the Harris County Humane Society as one of the 100 best pl더킹카지노aces to adopt animals. The Harris County Animal Care Center serves more than 100 animals at any given time.



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